Can I find myself without electricity or gas after changing supplier?

Changing supplier will not interrupt electricity or gas supply, nor will the electricity or gas meter be changed. You will be billed at the same dates as before. If any supplier loses the right or option to supply electricity or gas or terminates the supply, you will be automatically connected to the "supplier of last resort" without any interruption of supply. This is currently the dominant supplier within the distribution area.

When will I have a bill?

The change of supplier does not change the relevant distribution company. Consumption will continue to be billed at the time you are used to. You can also find the date of reading in your customer account in the overview of supply points.

What do I need to do to change the supplier of energy?

Just sign a contract with us which includes a power of attorney for all operations related. Change of supplier is completely free of charge. The easiest way is to register online .

How long it does it take to change my supplier?

The notice period for contracts of indefinite duration is usually three months. Within this period we will arrange for everything necessary. In the case of fixed-term contracts, we will check the date of termination of the contract. In certain cases it is possible to make the change more quickly, for example when the price of the existing supplier is increased or when the business conditions change.

How much will it cost me to change supplier and how often can I change supplier?

Change of supplier is legally free of charge. We encourage customers to be wary about door-to-door vendors who promise to forgive switching fees that do not actually exist. The customer has the right to change suppliers at any time, subject to the relevant notice periods.

What will change for me by switching to FONERGY?

Switching to FONERGY will reduce the price of the supplied commodity compared to your existing supplier, speed up and simplify communication. You will receive an annual bill at the same time as before, this is determined by the relevant distributor and the change of supplier does not affect the bill date.

What is the difference between STANDARD and PREMIUM contract?

Customers who choose to send their documents electronically and pay invoices by payment transfer are given a PREMIUM contract type without monthly fees. If the customer sets up sending of documents by post or payment of invoices by postal order, he will be assigned the type of contract STANDARD. The monthly fee of CZK 20 reflects higher costs associated with the preparation and distribution of documents.

For what period is the contract concluded? How can I terminate the contract?

All contracts are concluded for an indefinite period of time. The customer can terminate them at any time with 3 months notice. If the customer disagrees with the increase in the price of delivery or change of contractual terms and conditions withdrawal from the contract within the statutory period is possible.

How do I edit my contract details?

You can edit your contract details in your customer account. We will be pleased to advise you on logging in to your customer account by sending an email to info@fonergy.cz or. 

Can I add a gas supply contract to an electricity supply contract or vice versa?

You can easily add electricity or gas consumption points in your customer account. After completing the registration, we will send you a new contract, which includes a power of attorney for all acts connected with the change of electricity or gas supplier.

How often is the price of electricity and gas changed at FONERGY?

The price of electricity and gas depends on commodity prices on European markets. The price of electricity and gas is usually set once a year on 1 January.

What is the price for electricity and gas composed of?

The price always consists of a part for the "distribution" determined by the Energy Regulatory Office and a part for the "supply" set by each supplier. The regulated part of the electricity price is the payment for electricity consumed, system services, support for renewable energy sources and cogeneration and payment for market operator's activities. The regulated part of the gas price is payment for gas offtake, gas transmission, transport and storage, fixed pay for added capacity as well as payment for market operator's activities .

Do I have easy access to my contract details?

For each customer, a "Customer Account" is opened during registration, where payments can be checked at any time, documents can be printed out, contract details can be edited and new consumption points can be added.

I forgot my login information. What should I do?

In the login table on the "My Account" page, click "I don't know my login information". Enter the email address you used to register and we will then send you an email with your login and a link to set a new password.

What is the difference between a distributor and a supplier?

The distributor is the territorially competent distribution system operator, which includes metering equipment, power lines, etc. The Distributor is only one in the given location and cannot be changed. The supplier, on the other hand, is an electricity and / or gas trader who supplies electricity or gas to the final customer and to whom the customer pays down payments for the supply of this commodity. The customer is free to choose any supplier.

What should I do if I do not agree with the final bill?

Contact us as soon as possible at info@fonergy.cz. Our staff will tell you what the next step will be to successfully resolve your question.

How can I pay monthly payments and invoices?

Monthly payments can be paid by payment transfer, direct debit, postal order and through SIPO. For SIPO payments, please note that it can take up to three business days to assign a SIPO payment. Invoices can be paid by postal order or payment transfer.

When will I receive a payment schedule with monthly payments information?

Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will start the change of supplier process, which includes requests for transfer of supply points filed with the relevant distributor and OTE, as Upon accepting the requests, we will send you an email with the actual start date of delivery.

How can I change the electricity distribution rate?

Distribution rates are allocated to customers based on the nature of their consuption of electricity. To obtain a specific distribution rate, it is necessary to meet the set conditions.

Who do I report a breakdown to?

Breakdowns shall be reported to the relevant distribution system operator, irrespective of the supplier of electricity or gas. You can find phone numbers for reporting breakdowns in the contacts section and on websites of distributors.

How much kWh is 1 m3?

1 m3 or “cubic” corresponds to an approximate value of 10.62 kWh. The exact value is then determined according to the specific distribution area.

How do I learn when the low and high tariffs begin and end?

The validity of high and low tariff, or switching times of HDO (mass remote control) can be found on the website or by telephone at the distribution system operator.

Who is the subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes?

Any disputes concerning the supply of electricity and gas and related services or their billing shall be governed by the applicable law and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract concluded between the customer and the supplier. The subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is the Energy Regulatory Office. Energy Regulatory Office Masarykovo namesti 5, 586 01 Jihlava Phone: +420 564 578 666 www: http://www.eru.cz E-mail: podatelna@eru.cz